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Sunday Morning Musing

Have you Lost it?


I have  a story from yesterday morning to share with YINZ.
(FYI: Western PA people say YINZ, instead of “you” or “you all,” when speaking with each other. I feel like we are friends, so I’ll relax and call yinz,  YINZ.)
Saturday Mornings usually begin around 3 a.m. when  I get up to finalize the

Saturday is for Sharing – feature.

This is my weekly Guest Author post on my blog, SCAN BLOG – Read it here!
Typically, I have the feature outlined and photos with it and just about ready to publish. I go over the story for typos (I am super great at missing typos!). Yep, everything looked perfect  yesterday morning. That first hour, I completed one blog article for “Walking by Inner Vision” – published it and was now working on article #2 for SCAN.  Rolling right along.  Feeling good. I’d be done working when the sun comes up,  I thought. Optimistic. That’s me. Always looking UP.
I hit the PUBLISH button.
Next, I pressed  the VIEW POST button.
Title?  Looks good.  Check!
But, WHOA, there is no STORY here!.
Instead of PUBLISH I must have hit DELETE.
Yep. NOTHING but empty space instead of the nice story for Mike Bayles, a Minnesota poet and author. It was now 5 a.m. when I made this discovery. I was not smiling now! Optimistic me was feeling a bit scattered. Confused. Now what?
NOT only was the blog post EMPTY – OMG – I soon discovered I had LOST all of the text from my interviews with him. Mike and I had worked back and forth several times for about 2 months.
Now, it was gone. 
A quick check into Mike’s file revealed I had not saved the texts there. What???
All that was in his file were some scans from his book. After a frantic search through other files and folders, I realized I had nothing more on Mike.
What to do? Today was the scheduled day for Mike’s article to appear on SCAN.
I mean, it must have gone to the depths of hell, or, on the other side, into outer space –
It was that sort of GONE. Vanished!

I know. I know. I know.

How STUPID that is, eh?


I have 2 Options:

#1_ sit down and cry

#2_ reinvent the story

Crying is not my style. I don’t have time for crying. I’m a tough cookie, I’ve been told.
I remembered that Mike and I had exchanged a number of e-mails because I was asking him questions about his writing life. Fortunately, I found a couple of letters and began to work from them in developing an entirely new story for Mike. 

Because Mike discusses his writing method

  as akin to  creating

– a  COLLAGE –   

I decided to make Mike’s Story

a Literary Work of Art

I created his feature article as a

Literary Collage

That means, I used fragments and slivers, little pieces of a variety of texts, links, and scans.

How can YOU do this?

Shift them about into various places in the story.

Do NOT think about creating a LINEAR timeline or telling the story in a step-by-step way.

Past – Present-Future – You can move them around and intertwine them into a beautiful new picture.

Try to be more  CREATIVE with your story.


The SECRET IS:  There are no rules.

Give it a try? I think you will be delighted with the “breath of life”  you can bring to a story by working in this way.

I am a Visual Artist – CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING comes NATURAL for me!
Mike’s Guest Author feature turned out great and he was happy. He remarked that he really liked the way I worked his “words” around in and out of information about his book. I even included a scan from the Amazon dot com advertisement for his book. And, I used his stunning  book cover for the Featured Photo for the article.
The  story turned out fascinating because of Mike’s unique writing and his thoughts, but it has a really nice VISUAL dimension to it as well. It reads well, and it looks interesting on the page. I like it much better than what I originally wrote. This was a wake-up call for me – don’t settle for “ordinary.”
What more could we want?
Have you ever lost a piece you worked on and had to begin all over again?
It does not feel good when this happens but we can turn that train wreck  into a “HAPPY ACCIDENT” by changing how we THINK  the second time around.



Read Mike’s Guest Author Story

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