I am a TEN!


I was asked to LIST TEN things you may not know about me.


I was named to honor  my Aunt Jeanne.  My  middle name is pronounced “Jean” because it i FRENCH. My aunt was Dorothy Jeanne Kirker Hess. She was one of my best friends for just about all of my life. In this photo, I sit beween my Mother, Esther Kirker McKinney –  on the left – and my Aunt Jeanne –  on the right.




My father was drafted into the Army during WWII and left for Europe when I was 2 weeks old.  That was in September 1943. He returned from the war after I was two years old.




As a child, I ran barefoot, climbed trees, played in mud, danced in the rain and hated dolls. All  of   those attributes still apply to me at age 70.

In this photo I am sitting beside my grandmother, Ida Matilda Kiesling Kirker. My mother, and siblings are Patricia, David, and Thomas.   Don’t let the dress fool you. I am a girl who plays like a boy, and loves trucks and the earth in my Father’s gardens.


I married my high school sweetheart  at age 17. He is now 73 years old and I still think he is “cute.”







My lifetime passion for English Literature blossomed because my mother took me to the public library every week for a new armload of books. My favorite pastime as a child was reading on the front porch in the summer time.


My best memories of  school  are  the times when Mrs. Matthews read to us in 6th grade and Mr. Brown taught us grammar and read Shakespeare and poetry to our class in 10th  grade. They are the two teachers who stand our in my memory, to this day.




A new pair of shoes can heal any wound. Celebrate your most precious occasions with a new pair of shoes.


Eight:   _MessageFromtheStars

I find nothing more compelling than Greek mythology. My art grows out of the myths and the ancient texts I have read. this piece is _Message from the Stars_


I am certain that God can be seen if you climb high enough into the apple tree in Mr.  Corbin’s back yard.  I always knew that TREES are the AXIS MUNDI between here and there. I planted this GINKGO in 1967 – today, it soars twice as high as the house at River Road. I love this tree.



My best advice for life is “trust no one who does not like animals.”

Our pets love us unconditionally and forever.

Our animals are the closest thing we will know of heaven until we are finally there.  The Bible opens with stories of the creation of animals, and ends with the animals – front to back, the BOOK gives us the story of the CREATION of the universe and our PLACE  in it.  Our PAST, our PRESENT, and our FUTURE.

2014_MitchellShadowsGE DIGITAL CAMERA







Above:  Mitchell sees her shadow on a cool winter morning. in March 2014. She was abandoned on River Road in November 2009 – she is a vigilant  watcher of the house day and night –

Above:  Rocco was adopted in January 2009, when this photo was taken.  He was about 7 at this time.   He is my personal guard dog – never takes his eyes off of me.

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