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Our Final Walk Together for 2015


Crunchy Numbers


2015 in Review


On December 29, 2015, Walking by Inner Vision Blog was 6 years old!

This blog was VIEWED 3,900 times in 2015


What’s NEW?

  1. In 2015: I started to feature a few writers as my Guest Bloggers and give them a platform to share their ideas with new readers. It’s been a great opportunity and such a success that I will continue bringing Guest Bloggers in 2016.
  2. In 2015: I created THIRTY writing assignments for readers who wanted to begin a personal faith journal. I called it “The Walking by Inner Vision Journal.”
  3. In 2016, I’ll create TWENTY new Writing Assignments for readers to continue their journals. Readers will have FIFTY Journal Writing Lessons from 2015 – 2016. Each lesson includes a Writing Assignment.
  4. The symbolic image I envision for the New Year, 2016, is the KALEIDOSCOPE.

(A Kaleidoscope is symbolic of Constant CHANGE. We will all be changing as we move through a new year together, working in our journals and creating new writing assignments together!)

  1. In addition to the 2 blogs, I’ll be working on 2 books that are now in development. The publication date is the end of 2016. One is a book of essays and memoirs, the other, a book of poems.

My Song

I’ll sing farewell go 2015. My writing has appeared in many publications this year and I am thankful go publishers, editors and readers who found my work worthy of their time, efforts and reading enjoyment. Most of all, I am thankful for the shared time we spent together in 2015.

My INTENTION is to VIEW life filled with BEAUTY, COLOR, INTEGRITY and extraordinary PATTERNS of light and dreams.


Crunchy Numbers from 2015

Walking by Inner Vision Blog – featured 38 posts – 36 by Lynda McKinney Lambert;  2 Guest Blogs; 30 Writing Assignments by Lynda McKinney Lambert


Top 5 Stories:

  1. The Benefits of a Writers’ Group –
  2. A Western Pennsylvania Christmas –
  3. Journal Assignment #3: Paint a Landscape –
  4. Love or Fear? Writing Assignment #7 –
  5. How to Create a Poem From Your Journal Entries: Writing Assignment #21 –


Guest Bloggers Featured

The most visited Guest Blog was “How to Write a Gloss Poem,” by Arizona writer, Jacqueline Williams. Jackie is a member of the NFB Writer’s Division.

Read it at this link:



Readers in SEVENTY-EIGHT countries visited the blog!

Most readers were from the US, with Italy and Brazil close behind.cropped-cropped-cropped-PR_StreetPLyndaHat1.jpg

Please come and WALK with me in 2016! I have so much to share with you.







Walking by Inner Vision was launched on December 29, 2009

Happy Birthday – we are NOW 6 years old.


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