Organization Makes Sense to Me

Careful Organization Helps Me Make Sense of My Life

My move into my new office bagan to take place in my imagination last January. It was only an idea, but it seemed to be a good idea. When we thought about it, it was almost overwhelming sometimes. But now it is a reality.
It would be a big step forward to move my office to a space where all my adaptive technology could be in one place. Bob and I have worked diligently the past few weeks to make that happen. What an enormous undertaking to move my office from one floor to another. We had decided that my office should be on the main floor of the house, just off the kitchen. It is a terrific place because now I have two walls surrounding me with large windows so that I am connected to the space outside the house. The trees, the weather, the sounds of people and traffic, birds, and wild creatures. All the things that motivate and stimulate you when you are working in a solitary space. I feel like I now have my own “command center.” I feel in control.
There have been many days of sorting through my files and whittling them down. What do I need? What do I no longer use? What makes sense to keep? What should I do with this? or that?
I had to make some hard choices, but I did it. Boxes of things I can no longer use or need were taken out of the office and trashed, recycled, or given to someone else who could use something.
One artist friend walked away with an enormous box of slides taken over a 30 year period of all my art works. She will make them into art – they have become found objects now, for my friend. Lots of binders, and papers – all gone now. What a good feeling to purge your life of clutter. I highly recommend it to anyone. It gives you as sense of being in control again.
Our dogs Rocco and Mitchell have adjusted well to the new office. Rocco has two places where he can hide away by the hour as I work. Occasionally, I hear him snoring or moving about to stretch. Mitchell brings in her bones and lays in the center of the office on the new carpeting. She is in heaven when she has a nice big bone to chew on. It can last for weeks and she is content being here with me.
I am posting some photos I took today to show some slivers of the new office space and my collection of technological adaptive equipment in it. And, in one you can see a glimplse of Rocco in one of his new safe places, under the antique chest by the window.
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