New Vessels – From the Kiln

COLOR and TEXTURE It’s All in the Layers!

The newest pieces to come ouot of the kiln were exciting to see. You never know just what is going on in there, till you finally get the firing over with and open the top of the kiln to have a look. As you take the pieces out one by one, it can be very exciting or not so exciting according to what you find there. This time, I was delighted with the results of the newest pieces as they emerged from their final trip to the kiln.

Two large vessels were experiments in color and texture. I experimented with layers of oxide stains. Two of the vessels are now finished and a third one will be going into the kiln soon. They are approximately 15 inches across the top, and 14 inches tall.

What interests me in my art making is the sense of “passage of time.” I try to get a look and feel my works – things that show this passage somehow. These newest vessels achieved that feeling.

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