Morning Hour

Happy New Year
January 1, 2013

May you FIND just the RIGHT

for this new year. 

Morning Hour

In the early morning hour
a nippy breeze
wrapped  around my bare feet
like  soft gray cashmere clouds.
My own reflection
slowly materialized-
I was exposed, naked,
on a clear icy glass
Outside the frozen windowpane,
an icicle boundary
surrounded my view
of the aging Douglas Fir.
I turned for a closer look
through the silent porthole
Quick movements
in the shadow
one tiny  ruffled bird,
a solo performer
hunkered down, deep,
on snow-clogged branches.
Inside this room,
a blizzard-
a scattering of words still lingered-
Waited  to be gathered,
In a winter bouquet-written on a page,
in spite of the bitter cold.
We have been here
for a thousand years

In the early morning hour.

Copyright 2013. Lynda  McKinney Lambert. All rights reserved.

Poem and Photographs by Lynda McKinney Lambert, 2013.

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