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27 July 2018

Friday is a Celebration Day

Friday Fanfare & Ballyhoo


Minotaur – Wins

Here’s the BACK STORY of my POEM!

I wanted to write a poem about my first early memory.

I had a number of fragments – images that kept floating through my thoughts for many years.

From time to time – fleeting images – things I never understood.

When I was about fifty years old, I asked my mother about some memories I had from the time when I was a baby in my crib.  My Mother and my Aunt Jeanne lived together at that time because it was during the Second World War and my father and my Uncle Harry had been drafted in 1943. That was the year I was born – in August.

My early memory took place during the 2 years the women lived together.


What is your earliest memory?

Have you ever written about it?

I’d love to hear your story. Please leave a comment or send me an E-mail.

I will always respond to your comments or questions.

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Here is the poem I wrote, using the fragments of memories from those nights.

You can read the myth of the MINOTAUR to add to your understanding of the poem.

It is a memorable story from Greek Mythology.



by Lynda McKinney Lambert


The dream always runs ahead of me

In dreaded darkness. I lay quietly

in warm blankets without spoken language.

I have no understanding of speech

I tremble with fear some nights – tears.

I cannot capture words, or speak; my

eyes are weaving indigo strands.


I unroll those threads – watch

every night when searchers

walk into the room. Their voices are

soft whispers. I watch them. With the skein

of thread in my hands, I am ready.

Thread guides me on my journey

back to a safe place inside this labyrinth.

The only monster

in this sacred space is fear –

grips me when sirens begin to scream

and windows are covered with a

dark brown wool blanket. I remain silent

and I watch.


Inside every labyrinth there is a hidden

creative treasure at the center. Monsters

often guard a treasure, and I am no exception

because I watch and observe obscure details.

I learned to go forth on a forbidden path

through the forest and return to safety every night.

This must all happen as it did, for me to find

the center of me, where I am safe and where my treasures lie.

You may listen to me reading this poem by clicking on this link:

‘Minotaur” is the property of Lynda McKinney Lambert.

Copyright 2018. All rights reserved.



Updated April 6, 2018.


“Minotaur” has just won an Honorable Mention Award in the 2018 NFB Writers Division Contest.

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