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Fanfare & Ballyhoo – Poem Listen to it now!

Köenigsee – Poem Read it!

My Favorite Things – Poem Read it!

Whitewashed Grey November Morning – Essay.
Read it!

A Fragile Thing – Poem Read it!

The Prayer Box #1 Photo and Essay – Read it here!

The Following poems are for National Poetry Month

April 2019.

April 1:  “Ida Matilda’s Cream Pitcher”

April 2:  “Whisperings”

April 3:  “Bouquet”

April 4:  “In the Storms of April – Plunge!  A Letter to December”

April 5:  “Muddy Hands”

April 6: Pi Poem with Instructions. “Newly hatched,” Read it here!

April 7: How to Write a Pantoum – “der Hirsch”

April 8:  Write a little Free-Form Poem: “A Drawing for Delaunay Elise”

April 9:   “A memory Within a Memory” (AKA “Even in Arcadia”)

April 11:  “Flamboyant”

April 12:  Lesson #4: How to Write a Japanese Tanka – “wet red umbrella’

April 13: Lesson #5: How to Write an American Tanka – “stony paths disappear”

April 14: Read 3 tanka by Lynda on:   Naturewriting Literary Magazine

April 14: Part 3 of “How to Write a Tanka” Read it here!

April 19:  “Easter Sunday Morning” Read it here!

April 20: The Embroidery Lesson