Journal Assignment #1_Walking by Inner Vision Journal


Over 5 years ago  I wanted to do something to celebrate an enormous achievement in my life.  That desire  led me to launch my new blog~

Walking by Inner Vision




The first post appeared December 29, 2009.


Blogging was an adventure into a new world at that time. I didn’t know where to begin or how to do it. I decided I could learn  how to share special moments  and encourage others who may come to my blog.  That remains my focus today.  This blog is about positive changes and celebrations.

I write about  life-lessons I learn and I am  passionate about. art , humanities and  faith. That’s because  my  professional background is in Fine Arts and Humanities.

My essays focus on personal experiences woven together

with themes  from

Art, Literature, and Faith

I have published 87 articles to date – on this blog! 

Question:  Why did I start writing a blog”

Me:  I lost most of my sight in October 2007. The sudden sight loss, due to Ischemic Optic Neuropathy, left me walking through a thick fog, with very little detail or color.  At the time, I was a professor of fine arts and humanities at Geneva College, Beaver Falls, PA.  As an educator I spoke at academic conferences, taught courses in the arts, English,  and humanities,  and published articles on my expertise.

As a visual artist, I created and exhibited all over the world.

With the loss of sight, comes a whole new world and the first couple of years are difficult.  At the time I wrote the first blog  article, I had been through two years of rehabilitation for personal adjustment to blindness, and after that another year of relearning how to once again use a computer and adaptive technologies for the blind.


Question: Why is this blog titled, Walking by Inner Vision?

Me:  It is because I had to learn to walk by my own inner vision, depend on my intuition and inner feelings since my sight was no longer the primary source of how I understood and maneuvered in my world.  I wanted to give the blog a title that would indicate my writing was about more than superficial things that are viewed quickly, with a glance. My writing would dig deep inside to explore internal elements of who we are and how we understand our world.

Question:  How does it feel, TODAY, to look back on my first blog article?

Me:  I am proud that I took the step in this direction which was unknown to me previously. It put me back “out there” as a professional academic scholar and artist. When I committed to write again and put it out to the public in this forum, I was forced to leave any newly-found small  bit of comfort  and move into unknown territory in front of the whole world.


Question:  What did you write about in your fist blog articles:

Me:  My first blog posts  discussed issues of sight loss and blindness as I experienced  them daily

Since that time, I learned  how to walk using the inner vision that we all have. It has been an interesting journey! I still have a passion for all the wonderful aspects of life that I always had.  My expertise in the Humanities remains my core interest in all I encounter. These are the topics I write about on Walking by Inner Vision.


Question:  What will be see this year?

Me:  Beginning this year, 2015, I will create  a series of short reflections, followed by some prompts  that can be used for writing some journal entries in their own journals.  I’ll give my readers an assignment at the end of each short post.


If you are not currently keeping a Journal, I offer you the opportunity to begin one today. I know you will be so glad you started writing your own  “Walking by Inner Vision Journal” and you will look back on your journal at this time next year and give yourself a pat on the back!  You will say, “I  can see how  my life would change so much! I can see the many challenges I faced, and the times how God led me through tough times, and how He blessed me with  delightful, joyous times during this year.”


Journal Assignment #1:

Have you started your “Walking by Inner Vision Journal” for this year?

Write an entry about the kind of book you selected for your “Walking by Inner Vision Journal”  entries.

How often are you writing?

Set a reasonable goal for your writing. If you start out by writing just 1/2 page to one full page that will be a great beginning. I want you to be able to do this without any stress. This is just for YOU!

Think about this particular day, and write about a  small moment  and how you felt as you wrote in your journal.

Once you have written a short paragraph, look it over and write one more short paragraph or just a sentence or two about what you thought of this project today.  Were you surprised?


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