Just Checkin’ In

Just Checkin’ In


21 July 2018

Post #192


This is a little note about something I’ve thought about today.

I completed a new blog post for my “other blog,” SCAN.  Read it Here!

On the days when I present a GUEST  AUTHOR on “Saturday is for Sharing” series, I get excited.  Today, I featured the poet & author, Jessica Goody. The fact is that  I am always a bit anxious until I hear a response from the Guest Author – I want to know I knocked it out of the ballpark, so to speak. I want my Guest to be pleased with what we did together. She was!  I am happy with that.

 It’s important to me to get it right – for them!


After I get some responses to the post, then I can relax and do something else for the rest of the day. I take a break and switch gears.

Creativity breeds Creativity.  

Some years ago, I heard a lecture by American Artist, Agnes Martin. Someone in the audience asked Ms. Martin  a question about what to do when you don’t feel like being in your studio and you don’t feel like painting.  What if you are in your studio, and yo just keep thinking of being at the beach?


Agnes responded that in that case you should go to the beach.

It is better for you to go to  the beach and think of painting, than for you to be in your studio and thinking about being at the beach. You may come back refreshed and have new ideas and be energized because you went to the beach. Your mind needed a break – you NEED to go to the BEACH.

Lynda on the beach – it’s Puerto Rico, Baby!



This advice was something I tried to always share with my art students when I was a professor of fine arts and humanities at Geneva College (Beaver Falls, PA).  I wanted the students to know it is ok to take a break from your art making or your studies and that it will actually be good for you to do something different for a time.


This is what I thought about today after my blog post went live.  I wanted to “go to the beach” and forget about blogging, writing articles and books,  and planning my work  for the rest of the day.

That led me to pick up my ball of yarn and my knitting needles

and continue to work on a project that I started some time ago.  That scarf was just waiting for me to recognize that I needed to take a knitting break. Knitting is my way of going to the beach when I can’t really go to the beach.


Sometimes we get so bogged down by what we think we think we should do  – like a J-O-B.  We feel guilty if we want to do something that is different. Something fun. Something playful. Even child-like, perhaps? Well go ahead and take some time off and go to whatever takes you to the beach in your own mind. Perhaps you might do some gardening? Take a swim in a local pool? Go off for a little get-a-way to a special place in the mountains? Play a game with someone you enjoy being with? Walk the dogs for an extra mile or two?  Go out for dinner this evening?


Tell me what you will do when you “go to the beach.” I’d love to hear what you are doing.  I’ll be knitting on a special “Irish Hiking Scarf” that my son wants me to make for him.  It will take a while to do this – but I can envision him wearing it next winter.  And, he wants the matching hat, too.  I guess I’ll be “at the beach” a lot in the months ahead.



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2 thoughts on “Just Checkin’ In

  1. Thanks for your comment. I really appreciate what you wrote.
    It is true – I’ve always been a high energy, high achiever- driven, type-A person. I am learning to take breaks more often, step away from projects for a while and just enjoy the moments of life more fully. This year, my intention is to “abide.” Just wait.
    Don’t rush into anything. Be still. Listen more. Speak less. Linger.

  2. Yes, I have learned to be where my head is as well! And this mindfulness makes the moment far more delightful, the creative process far truer…thanks for writing!

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