Morning Hour – Writing Assignment #8

Morning Hour

First Published on: January 1, 2013

 Revised and re-blogged for March 5, 2015

As our WINTER SEASON in Western Pennsylvania begins moving  SLOWLY towards the coming of SPRING this month, I am sending YOU this LATE WINTER article with a POEM!

I know, everyone is longing for sunshine and flowers, but looking out my window today it is not realistic.  We have deep snow, and right now some icy cold rain and temperatures plunging DOWN! Not yet, my friends, not yet.  Winter is still with us!  Let’s not waste time wishing away our days. Don’t long for the days to pass quickly, it is your life you are wishing away if you do that.  Learn to enjoy every day, just as it comes, and be thankful for that day!

This morning I read a verse in Psalms 118.  Here is what I found there:

“This is the DAY the LORD has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it.”

Here is a GREAT LINK that will give you TWENTY-FIVE Bible verses about SNOW and WINTER.


Walking by Inner Vision  Journal – Writing Assignment #8:

A couple of years ago, on a day just like this one, I wrote a poem about winter.  I was seated at my computer, that day, and looking outside my window as I wrote this poem.  What do you think I saw that morning?  What did I feel?

Spend a little bit of time today outside. No matter what the weather is, you will have an experience with nature.  Maybe you want to take your camera along, or a note pad, to record what you are experiencing.  Now, if you want to do it, you can take your photo and/or your notes, and create a FREE FORM POEM from them.  No need to worry about rhyming ends of lines, no meed to think much about formal poetry forms. Just have some fun today with what you see and feel, smell, touch, taste, etc.  OH, and be SURE to use your IMAGINATION and let a few pieces of information from your mind and spirit enter into your poem, too!


Here is the Free Form POEM I wrote while peering out the Winter Window in my home one morning:


Morning Hour

In the early morning hour

a nippy breeze

wrapped  around my bare feet

like  soft gray cashmere clouds.

My own reflection

slowly materialized-

I was exposed, naked,

on a clear icy glass


Outside the frozen windowpane

an icicle boundary

surrounded my view

of the aging Douglas Fir.

I turned for a closer look

through the silent porthole

Quick movements

in the shadow


one tiny  ruffled bird,

a solo performer

hunkered down


on snow-clogged branches.

Inside this room,

a blizzard

a scattering of words still lingered

Waited  to be gathered,

In a winter bouquet-written on a page,

in spite of the bitter cold

We have been here

for a thousand years

In the early morning hour.


P.S.: I would LOVE to read your poem. If you email it to me, I will read it and send you my response to it.  I am always here to cheer you on in your Walking by Inner Vision Journal.  Any time!


Lynda McKinney Lambert. Copyright, 2015. All Rights Reserved.

Essay and Photos by Lynda McKinney Lambert.

Poem Copyright 2013. Lynda  McKinney Lambert. All rights reserved.

Essay and photos by Lynda McKinney Lambert, Copyright 2015. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Lynda!

    I’m so excited to re-connect with you! I am a former Geneva College student and friend of Amy Bovaird, a fellow low-vision author. I, too, am legally blind due to a retina condition. Amy just gave me your name and referred me to this site.

    I write a lot about vision loss and how God meets us in our brokenness on my blog,

    I love what you’re doing here and would like to connect with you. Keep up the great work!


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