John Bramblitt’s Journey

I had 
In 2009, I started writing my blog,
  “Walking by Inner Vision” 
 It was to begin to write about my own journey into the new experience I had entered. This new experience came 2 years earlier, in October 2007; I was suddenly thrust into the world of sudden blindness.
(Ischemic Optic Neuropathy)

This event changed nearly everything in my life.
Writing about it became  a way for me
to speak about my life
now that it had entirely changed.
 I  am an Educator,  Visual Artist and Author,

I discuss how I have learned to continue

to be a  creative artist and writer once again.

            Today, I want to focus on another artist who lost his sight, yet, began to paint after going blind. I think you will enjoy hearing about:

John Bramblitt’s  journey!

You can click on the THREE LINKS to see video’s of John Bramlitt and his visionary paintings. You can listen to John as he tells his own story to overcome blindness through ART.

John Bramblitt is a Texas artist who is blind. He lost his sight around age 11. He began painting after he lost his sight.

This video was done when he was still an undergraduate student.

John says he  loves creating both fine art and writing.  It’s not unusual for find an artist who also loves to write.

I think it is often a  winning combination that most artists embrace.    As

John said,

 “It is only the tools that are different.

 The process remains the same.”

 He says when you look at a “how to” book on both painting, and writing, you’ll see the process is the same for each. I affirm this truth that John has discovered in his journey.

John is shown in this video doing a workshop and speaking with a visitor. We can see him showing how his work begins. He is describing how it begins with an initial drawing on the canvas. The drawing is raised, giving him guidelines to follow when the painting process begins.

This link will take you to John’s  website.

There you will find general information on John Bramblitt. There are links on  his career, photos of some of his paintings, his blog link, and more.

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