It’s My Book, Baby!

Yes, that is right

I just had a BOOK, BABY!

BREAKING NEWS, from the Village of Wurtemburg, PA!

 My new book is now available.

Many of you know that after I lost my sight in 2007, it was almost 2 years before I could use a computer again. I had lots of rehabilitation training that enabled me to be on-line again, and to celebrate that, I started to write a blog:

As the years went by, I kept on writing, and writing, and writing. I started sending out my poems and creative non-fiction articles and stories to various publications. Last year, I had over 70 pieces of my work published.
Also, last year I decided that I would begin to go over my 7 years of stories and begin to compile them into a book.
TODAY, my dream has become my REALITY.

Walking by Inner Vision: Stories & Poems

Today, the book is now available as an e-book, Kindle, and in the next few days it will be available in print. It will be on Bookshare soon, too.

…and, just a few moments ago, I had a notice that my first book was just purchased. WOW, I am super excited to share this news with you!

You can find my information on my new Authors Page:
My Authors Page

WBIV – book cover



.Walking by Inner Vision: Stories & Poems
Published 2017
by Dvorkin BooksThank you ALL

so very much for

making my life so rich –


Lynda Lambert

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