The Mountain- Writing Assignment #1

The Bear climbed Over the Mountain

The Bear Climbed  Over the Mountain

The Bear Climbed Over the Mountain

to see what she could see.


Did YOU ever sing this little song when you were a kid? I sure did! Click on this link to hear the song and sing along

Well, OK, I took a look back to January 2015  to see what I could see, said the Mama Bear! (That would be me, of course.)  After I wrote my blog article for the New Year, I started thinking about what I might have been looking forward to when I wrote my article four months ago. I want to see how I am doing…Oh, Yes, it was a “big reveal.” I needed to remind myself what I INTEND for this year – now that we are 1/3 of the way through 2015.

The Essence of Our Intentions

I take a look back to my January list of Intentions here!


The Essence of Intentions

by Lynda McKinney Lambert

Begin your own personal


This is the kind of winter day when it feels just right to spend some time thinking about some of the things we might want to experience at the beginning of a new year. Somehow, when the temperature drops near the zero point, we pause  in the cozy warmth of our home and take time to dwell on personal things that might be forgotten when the world begins gradually to shift once again towards a time of new beginnings.

Let’s take a few  days and map out the journey? It begins the moment we decide to take the action of thinking about what we want to do this year. Where do we want to go on our journey ahead?

As soon as we begin to think of the year ahead we often begin to feel some fear or trepidation.  Fears begin speaking to us in the beginning. That is the Inner Critic  and pay attention to how that works. It is always to throw road blocks in your path; discourage you; distract you from becoming the person you are meant to be. The Inner Critic is always negative and speaks loud and clear inside you. recognize e it for what it is – your enemy!

But there is an opposite voice inside of you, too. This one speaks quietly, sometimes in silence. It whispers. This is your spirit.  Take time to stop what you are doing, sit down and listen to that spirit inside of you that will give you guidance and direction towards the good that God has for your future.

I want you to begin writing down some of the positive intentions you have for this year.  Don’t be afraid to give them a voice.  Words and thoughts have power. Your written words will give you the strength you need throughout the year as you look over them from time to time. We’ll keep on going because we have written out a plan and we will remember our intentions for this journey.

I recently  mulled over some conversations I had with other people and the feelings I was dancing with in my solitary times of reflection.  Words of the past week of the New Year lingered in my thoughts.   I asked, “What are my own intentions? I began to realize that to find my “intentions” I needed to begin to do the mindful work, seek out the core beliefs I hold.

I am not talking about goals and dreams here. Yes, we have them, and we’ll continue to work towards them a step at a time.  I do strongly recommend that you set some goals for the year, too. Set goals that are attainable.  Be sure to outline some short-term  goals that you can work towards on your way to the end goals.  Be realistic. When you reach each of the short-term  goals; celebrate and give yourself a reward for reaching it. For goals, Write them Down. Then, Make it work! That is the best advice for attaining your goals.  But, what I want to focus on here is INTENTIONS – which are how you will find your life’s PURPOSE or your CALLING.  We all have a purpose or a calling on our life and it was planted deep inside of us from our beginnings.  Here is where we find our MEANING – what we are here to do as human beings, created by God.


 INTENTIONS –  our inner motivations –

our spirit – the very core of who we are.

We begin by asking ONLY ONE question:  “What will I gain?” Will this fit my lifestyle?


We have this moment and we have no assurance we will see another day


Begin to write YOUR INTENTIONS!

I wrote my intentions out for this year.

How did I begin this task?

Make a list of your own intentions for this year.Write each one as it comes to you.

Write what is important to you. search your own mind for what is important to you.


Here’s  a couple of my intentions for this year:

  • I’ll spend some time in silence and prayer each day. If only for short periods of time – I’ll begin by sitting quietly in a secluded place where I can be alone for awhile. Silence is where we can be open to the leading of God in our life. I can begin by just sitting alone for 15 minutes, twice a day.
  • I’ll  nurture my creative spirit each day through art and writing time. When we get quiet and begin to do creative work, we find we pass into a place that is “timelessness.”
  • I’ll be aware of the need for good nutrition and exercise for my body.
  • I’ll begin IMMEDIATELY to STOP complaining or listening to gossip. or listening to gossip. I’ll focus on my own speech, and stop the negativity in my mouth before it has a chance to come out. I won’t make excuses for myself when I fail to be positive in my speech.
  • I’ll surround myself with like-minded people who value me and respect my purpose in life. Be selective about who you speak with


Our intuition will ALWAYS give us an ALERT, deep inside.  We can learn to READ our inner feelings and listen to our intuition.

I remind myself of this every day when I look at the message I have posted just above my computer screen. It says, “TRUST INNER FEELINGS.” Learn to look INSIDE of yourself, and experience the wisdom that will come to you when you do this regularly.


  • I’ll READ  GREAT  books that will teach positive ways to live a victorious life. For instance,  I could choose to read books such as {the 7 Laws of Spiritual Success” Deepak Chopra. Another great book would be “Come Away My Beloved” by Frances Roberts.  Often we can find meaningful books that can transform our daily life. Right now, I have just read, “A Complaint Free World,” by   Wll Bowen. This book has inspired me to concentrate on being aware each time I say something that is a complaint or gossip. It gave me a goal for my life.
  • I’ll GIVE to others – things that fit in with my own passions and talents. What are your passions, talents, desires? Turn them into an intention for your life.


Walking by Inner Vision Journal – Writing Assignment #1

Think over what intentions you would choose for your own life.

Write them out. It helps to SPEAK them out loud as you WRITE them out.

You can write them into a short journal entry, turn them into a poem, or write an essay about your intentions.

Have fun!

Thanks for beginning this adventure – Walking by Inner vision Journal.

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