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Set your Intentions & Desires  for the Year

Don’t put it off – we are at the END of January.


Begin FEBRUARY with a NEW START for 2018


Intentions are the SEEDS

Prepare the ground now for your harvest this year.


“He who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly,

and he who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully.

So let each one give.”    2 Corinthians 9:6-7


What to dp?

Record YOUR INTENTIONS for 2018

Write them down


Put them in a word document on your computer so you can look at your list from time to time during 2018.  You will see them growing and blossoming as the year goes by.

Be sure your intentions and desires fit into God’s plan for YOU.  Try to set aside a little  QUIET  TIME  each day to DISCOVER God’s plan just for you.  You’ll find Gods plan for your life when you stay connected to HIM through your daily prayer and Bible reading.  God’s plans for you are far more than you can even imagine


The KEY:



Yes! Speak them out loud! Say “Thank you” to your Creator as you speak your ihtentions.

Consider them as already manifest in my life.




What it is NOT:

Your List of INTENTIONS is not a wish list

Not a list of New Year’s resolutions

Not a goal plan

Intentions have WINGS.

Speak them out loud and consider them as already manifest in YOUR life. It is not a wish list or a list of resolutions and not even a goal plan. It is far more. Intentions have WINGS.


Join me in 2018…

Have you considered setting your intentions?



While you are setting your INTENTIONS, why not also give yourself ONE WORD for the year?

The “ONE WORD” you choose will become your reality in 2018.

My “one word” for the year is “ABIDE”

This is my 4th year to embrace ONE WORD that will be for ME during the entire year.


My Word

2015 was Exuberance

2016 was Extraordinary;

2017 was Intentional

2018 is ABIDE


I also LIKE this book:

Deepak Chopra’s:

Seven Spiritual Laws for Success

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

In particular, Chapter 5: “The Law of Intention & Desire.”

In just over 100 pages, Dr. Chopra covers all bases and lays down a clear path to follow. I return to this book again and again. I find it to be useful for all areas of life.


Caution: Do NOT tell anyone about your intentions or what they are!

Keep them to yourself.

Next year at this time, you’ll be so happy to share them and let your friends & family know how you achieved the wonderful success you have.



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