Ida Matilda’s Cream Pitcher

“Ida Matilda’s Cream Pitcher”

by Lynda McKinney Lambert, 2017


I loved to spend endless, languid

days at Grandma’s house, sitting

around her plentiful kitchen table. Ida


Matilda’s raisin-filled cookies, sprinkled with

granulated sugar,

apple pies and yeast breads served hot from her oven

tart cherry desserts and homemade blackberryjam.

I poured heavy cream this morning, from her

old ivory creamer,  a

little piece of McCoy pottery, circa 194o, Art

Deco, with faded daisies and pale green

leaves, beside

a glass vase of old-fashioned pink roses on a

soft cotton table-cloth, the color of Ida’s blushing cheeks.


Creamers like this had a mate but the open sugar

bowl, now lost.

Reservations were never necessary

even when times were tough, she served her

husband and 7 children

around the abundant table. A tolerant

Mother, she filled her creamer with sweet

milk every day.


Patiently I touch the smooth brown glazed


Ida’s cream pitcher felt cool in my

septuagenarian hand

today. It spilled out the sound of her laughter

caused me to cinch my fingers around its girth

her pale eyes were the ice blue winter sky.

Every time I hold her cream pitcher it

reveals memories of refreshing new cream.



“Ida Matilda’s Cream Pitcher”



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