How Does Your Platform Fit?

In only a few  more days Americans will be going to the polls to vote.

This made me think about what is really important. I think it is not really about the two candidates that the world is focused on right now. I’d like to take a deepr look into our options.

It’s not about the candidates – it’s about the PLATFORM.

I asked: “How Does My Platform Fit?

3 Important things to KNOW before you VOTE:

  1. Each candidate is “made in the image of God.”
  2. God created every human being and he loves each of us.
  3. All individuals  are sinners and have fallen short of the image God has for them – that is you and me, as well as EVERY  candidates running for office.
  4. Add your own core beliefs   to my list…photo_white-house-2Of course, there are multiple negative actions – and for each of us, we would also have many unseemly actions on our records.
    Every person has sinned and come short of the glory of God. You and Me! All of us. Fortunately, we have redemption offered to us and our misdeeds will be  erased by the blood of Jesus.

There is no other way to erase our stains.

The candidate who wins will only be in office at the most, for 8 years. But the supreme court members will be making decisions that affect our lives for decades in the future.

READ each of the 2 Party platforms and then ask of each one, “What do I believe would be the will of God, based on the Biblical foundation of this nation?”

Compare the 2 platforms – what do you see in each of them?

At the TOP of my requirements, the platform I choose must recognize  the sanctity of all life.
From the unborn to the elderly at the end of life.
Sanctity for all people created in the image of God.

This current election cycle has shown us that
the two platforms are distinctly different and the choice this year, to me, is clearer than ever before.


We look to God alone for guidance and leadership regardless of what transpires next Tuesday.

Our country is “under God” and it remains there as long as we believers in Christ hold fast to the Rock of Our Salvation.


How Does Your Platform Fit?

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