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Tim Pisano, a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania artist and writer is my first guest blogger for 2016.

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Hide or Seek?

by Tim Pisano

Life begins unnoticed, unfelt and sometimes unintended.  That is, unintended by human parties. However, whatever the source of life is for you, it notices and ultimately has intention or purpose. Life Source notices and feels.

At the spark of life that life itself doesn’t even notice it’s alive, or feel alive or maybe, even intend to live. However, as life develops it begins at some point to notice, feel and  intend. Eventually it feels itself, notices itself then moves to noting others. Things develop some more and things become somewhat complex, intrinsically so. This seems to be the nature of life itself. Out of simplicity come the complex and diverse structures of life.

My, how our hearts are torn apart by what we think we want;  what we wish we had; what we wish we were. There is always something we don’t have or something we are not.

I think the big secret of life is to live for now.

Make this present moment count! Make the most of time.

Don’t hide inside your dreams!


Life’s realities can sometimes be stark and blatantly abrupt or harsh. Yet they

are part of the essence of life’s composition.

Don’t run and hide. There really is no hiding from life.

I wrote this poem that may help:

Hidden and Hiding


Hidden and Hiding were taking a ride into oblivious and apparent obviousness.
Hidden and Hiding are sliding right to left and back again, just for the fun of it.
Hidden and Hiding aren’t hidden or hiding anymore than anyone who can or can not see.
Hidden was kidding with Hiding for not siding his house with insulation or concealment
although that is what hiding is.
Hidden and Hiding were listening to Pachelbel and knew they’d been found out.
Hidden and Hiding are supposing someone will come looking for them, so they are
Hidden and Hiding aren’t what they use to want to be.
Hiding is siding with the Truth as though it were hidden.
Hidden knows better than Hiding so now he exposes himself.
Hiding wishes there was an easier way to be found out.
Hidden wishes upon a star but that star just burnt out.
Hiding knows there really isn’t a place to hide.
Hidden and Hiding really aren’t
hidden or hiding anymore.

As long as I can remember, I have been a seeker. As a seeker, one must expose themselves to the areas of interest they are seeking. This seems simple enough.

However, if one is not careful   it may become an all-consuming  thing. At a very early age I have always wanted to be a person of truth. I was not interested in seeking just anything, but seeking truth. I quickly learned that truth is like a diamond. A diamond reflects light and throws off different colors depending on the angle the light is hitting it.

You can say it is blue and green and I can say it is yellow and red. We could argue

about it for days or years and let it separate us from ever talking to each other when, in

fact, we are both seeing the same thing only from different angles. When I step over to your side of the diamond I recognize the truth of what you are saying and say “Wow, it is blue and green! Come over here and I’ll show you the yellow and azure.” From the one source there comes many facets, many colors, many variations and shades. So we should not be so quick to argue down the other’s point of view. It may be just that,another point of view. Somewhere further down the line than we are, the thing we are seeking takes on another dimension and we come to realize that there was more to it than we first thought.

The less we hide from these things and the more we seek we find the evolution of truth for our lives and the more freely we can live and have our being in this world. It is this  “being in the world: that consumes us. As beings we shall continue to become. And it is in becoming that we find our greatest potential and continue to strive to become more fully alive in all of our aspects as beings.

The quality of light determines the clarity of truth that we seek. If we think of light as understanding, being enlightened we then can see and understand there is a

multidimensional and kaleidoscopic occurrence that happens in our spirit. We are

meant to be multidimensional beings, able to operate in various areas simultaneously

and yet remain ever present in the environment we occupy. Fire throws light; if that fire

is 11 billion miles away that light also offers its heat without burning us. If you get too

close or overexpose yourself the results can be terrifyingly painful. From all of this we

learn to continue our search for truth for in knowing that, we are set free!

Even the Dragon has its origins in the heavens and it can be easy to think that we can hide from him. But there comes a time when it must be faced.

Tim Pisano. Copyright 2016. All rights reserved.



Tim Pisano, Bio:

Tim began writing and painting in his early high school days. He keeps  a journal and writes poetry which he started doing in the early 70’s. Tim   studied the Bible extensively and his spiritual interests span a very diverse array of ideologies. At one time he led a small group of folks in “in home” meetings for over a decade.

At this period in his life, Tim continued to pursue  his love of painting  and was involved in numerous solo and group exhibitions  in galleries in the Beaver Valley region.  Eventually,  he moved to Pittsburgh.  There, he  was a major participant and served  in numerous positions in the Brewhouse, an artist colony on the South Side.

Tim Pisano’s art work  is in many private collections over  the past twelve years.  In addition, he has  maintained  a painting business  for  the last thirty-two  years. In this capacity,  He specializes in custom commissioned  painting such as  faux finishes, marbleizing, wood graining as well as trompe l’oeil.

Tim Pisano is available for commission work as well color consulting.  You can reach Tim  at: Tim Pisano E-mail


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