Google Alerts

Did you know that you can set your email to receive notices about any topic you may want to follow? Yes, when a new blog is posted you will get an update telling you about the post. It will arrive on your Yahoo E-mail. All you need to do is set your email setting to receive these new posts through blogs or other sources, and you will get them daily in in your “in-box” at Yahoo. The SEARCH is done by using Google. It is called a Google Alert.

You can go to the “google search” information and set the paramaters for using this research service. You can have access to .edu sites, newspapers, and blogs. This will save you a lot of time, and bring the information directly to you in-box. I love it.
Just type in the different topics that you want to get daily information about. Mine is set for “sight loss” as I want to get information on this topic. Another one for me is “Ischemic Optic Neuropathy” since I have this condition and like to be kept updated on any research being done and current thoughts about the condition. Other things that interest me are also on my Goggle Alert list, and I get those listings, too. You can follow people or places this way as well.
I hope this help you. I like to do posts here that might help other people who have sight loss and I like to post articles that I write about my own ways of copping successfully with this handicap. I am a visual artist, author, and former professor of Fine Arts and Humanities. Let me know if I have helped you in some way, or if you need to ask me a question. I would be delighted to help you if I can.
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