Get your WINGS in 2018

Give …



Write down…


Your ONE WORD will inspire you in  2018.

 Let ONE WORD inspire you in 2018.

What word will  you choose?

I started doing this in 2015. This is my 4th time to choose ONE WORD for the year.

I decided to NOT set any New Year’s Resolutions or goal plans. Insdtead, I chose ONE WORD.

What I DID

2015: I chose the word, EXUBERANCE.

I wanted to be exuberant in my creative life;  in one-on-one encounters. I desired exuberance in the little details of an ordinary day. Do you often feel this way, too?

2016;  I chose the word EXTRAORDINARY.

Now that I saw the success of choosing ONE WORD and the changes it brought to my life, I stepped up again and selected another powerful word. Throughout the year, I saw extraordinary things taking place in personal and professional areas of my life. It WORKS!

I spent the entire year writing my 2nd book of poems and essays. By keeping this word on my mind, it kept me on track meeting my monthly targetes so the final draft could be rady by the end of the year.

I also stayed focus on other writing projects and kept putting my work out for publication to literary magazines with very good success. Yes! I was becoming EXTRAORDINARY and it is FUN.


2017: My word was INTENTION.

At the beginning of the year I “set my intentions.” I  wrote down my intentions and continued on to live out my ONE WORD for the entire year. Many new ipportunities opened up for me and I will write about them in my next blog post. 2017 proved to be a year that  was EXUBERANT and EXTRAORDINARY. These 2 qualities  helped me achieve my Intentions for the year.







  1. Choose ONE WORD – Write it down!
  2. Meditate on your ONE WORD

Keep it  in your mind and visit it periodically.

  1. Get some EXAMPLES to help you visualize your ONE WORD.

(Art works, music, hobbies, friend,  books, etc. to inspire you)



Ask,  What gives  ME a  lift?




 Now, it’s your turn.

Take action – choose one word.


I would love to hear about your word and how it guides you in the upcoming year.


Note: In my previous post, “Progress Report,” I revealed how using my ONE WORD, “Intentional,”  worked out for 2017. This is absolutely AMAZING.  TRY IT!



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