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Writing Assignment #25 _ The Abecedarian Poem




and so much Fun!

This poem will take you on writing  journey through the alphabet, from A to Z.

You can begin by writing each letter of the alphabet down the left side of your page – vertically. It will look like this:






F – and just keep on going till you get all 26 letters on your page.


Once you have your letters – they will become the first letter of a word in each line. Your poem can be 26 lines long, or you can write your poem in pairs of lines as I did in my example below.


Follow my example and create your own ABECEDARIAN  POEM. **    

  ** Crystal Healer  

by Lynda McKinney Lambert

Amber red dripped from ancient trees

Solidified and fossilized.

Boji Stones brought healing to painful memories,

grounded high spiritual vibrations.

Crystal quartz cleared the room of negative energy,

brought healing to those who lost hope.

Dragon’s Blood was also christened as costly Cinnabar

she helped change your image.

Emerald stood surrounded by palest green rays of light,

protected from evil enchantments, foretold the future.

Fluorite made me smile when I touched her soft curves,

a  celestial rainbow of clear, blue, green brown, and yellow.

Garnet gemstones surrounded us with beauty from the earth,

mined and carved, tumbled smooth.

Hematite, a heavy magnetic stone, harmonized and balanced the spirit,

supported timid women and boosted self-esteem.

Iolite, so very small and translucent; a delicate stone,

changed her colors with the angle of light.

Jadeite, translucent, soft, and green;

hidden away, smooth and silky in my pocket.

Kunzite’s delicate shades in lilac, pink, or yellow translucent,

transparent, mood-lifting effects.

Labrodarite, my favorite gem,

reminded me of the deep water’s reflections on a summer day.

Malachite held layers of copper between her spiteful greens,

powerful stone of the new millennium.

Nebula stones are small with unique metaphysical properties,

gaze into it and you’ll be moved to new places in the universe.

Obsidian sang of a black winter night

with snowflakes falling on the shiny opaque glass-like surface

Precious opal stones,

cleansed in the light at full moon a fiery glow in the morning light.

Quartz clusters gathered deep secrets,

in their helical spiral crystalline forms.

Rainbows flourished inside the dense earth

a harvest of vibrant mysteries.

Serpentine, a talisman of water-worn black-green stones,

were  said to assure the wearer of longevity.

Tiger’s Eye beads in yellow-brown, pink, blue, red,

were used as protection against ill will.

Unikite is a circus of tumbled stones placed gently in a bowl,

brought calm to your home.

Varsite sang the songs of encouragement,

hope and courage to those who gave up.

Wulfenite brings knowledge from ancient temples of Egypt or Greece,

brought spiritual vibrations down to earth.

X represents the signature of the Creator’s hands

as He fashioned and planted each precious gem.

Yellow Calcite, the silent stone, brought healing,

from darkness inside the fertile earth,

Zeolite can be colorless, white, blue and  peach,

a group of all kinds of crystals, living together in a matrix of  a harmonic rainbow.


Note: This poem is the abecedarian  form. You can go back and look at the first letter of each pair of lines, and you will see the alphabet from A to Z.


Lynda McKinney Lambert is the author of “Concerti: Psalms for the Pilgrimage” published by  Kota Press. She authors two blogs on writing, the humanities, arts, and faith.  She is a free lance writer and her poetry and essays appear in numerous books and literary journals.  She is a retired professor of fine arts and humanities and she exhibits her fiber arts in exhibitions world-wide.
 Currently she has two books in development for publication in 2016.
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