October Fest #3 – Gaze into the Future

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October Fest – Day 3


Gaze Into the Future

Let’s begin this day

with a Plan


How can we do that?

Let’s begin with an IDEA

How about this for a way to begin?

“Let your eyes look straight ahead,   fix your gaze directly before you.”

(Proverbs 4:25, NIV) Let’s begin to GAZE into the FUTURE.


Do you KNOW:

You have a Divine Destiny.

You have a Purpose in Life.

God has a PLAN for YOU?


Once you discover your PERSONAL PLAN, then WORK within that PLAN.

You should know exactly where you are going.

Don’t waste time but decide what you will be doing for each day and then carry out your plan.

Be on GUARD for things that will take you off course – don’t be distracted by meaningless activities or conversations.  Stay focused.

Learn how to ORDER your DAY.

Think about it before you go to bed tonight.

Ask God for guidance in knowing His plan for you each day. Then, walk in that PLAN.  Live out God’s plan for YOUR life.

DECIDE EXACTLY what you will do tomorrow – so that you are FOCUSED and living with INTENTION.

Just ask God to help you begin to live the life he planned for you from the beginning of time.

He is waiting for you to come to him for help.


Good Morning God.

It’s me – Lynda.

I am happy to speak with you this morning.

What will you have me do today?

Let’s get started!



Fix your eyes directly ahead – and GAZE into

YOUR FUTURE – with God

holding your hand.

— Lynda McKinney Lambert

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