Full worm Moon of March

Looking UP

into the Night Sky


March 1 –  was the night of the Full Worm Moon.

But, we are so lucky this year to have another New Moon coming on

March 31.

This one will be the

Full Sap Moon.


March is Pi Poem Month.


March is Pi Poem Month.

Full Worm Moon of March



Moon –

high, heavenly


orbits the March sky

over the course of a lunation,

steps high

tonight’s full moon is small,

smaller than a spot

Edgy moon!

The Worm Moon of March

decidedly elliptical.


Calculated – between Moon and Earth

mystery of Moon’s night path

observant  common center of mass


Earth, Moon-

Firey red!

If the weather is obliging


Jumpy moon beams

size and phase wax and wane,


strutting down the skyway

the firmament..


Come closer!

March is the month of Full Worm Moon!

the ground shifts,


inviting the robins back

wormy casts reappear in the mud


the barycenter


Earth worms await the Full Spring Moon.


Lynda McKinney Lambert

The Village of Wurtemburg, PA

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