Favorite Things

Published today by “The Weekly Avocet,” my poem, “Favorite Things” – Issue #270.

Are You a Stone Keeper?

Do you LOVE stones?

Stone Crazy

I found poetic inspirations in my little cedar box full of gem stones.

I am stone-crazy, how about you?

Does a stone in your hand make you happy? I collect stones from just about everywhere. My husband
Is also a stone-keeper.

Do you have favorite stones?

My favorites stones are found at the bottom of the creek.
Washed over for centuries and gathered over the years into  the little eddies along the creek edges.

I also like

Yellow (transparent) Labradorite, and All colors of Labradorite;
Purple and Blue Turquoise from Kingman mine and turquoise from the Sleeping Beauty mine ( which is closed now), all in AZ.
Green Aventurine: Protects against environmental pollution,
Pink Sapphire: the Wisdom stone. Each color has its own Wisdom.
I never found a stone I didn’t like. Each one is a miracle of creation.

Favorite Things

My small cedar box embraces
yesterday’s vanishing dreams. My
favorite obsessions – polished and hidden.
Amber, formed deep in the Baltic Sea
Volcanic rocks, rough black
occasionally spewed from the fire
Red coral, carved by clever hands
inspired memories of summer roses
Turquoise slabs extracted from Arizona’s
equivocal, rare, Sleeping Beauty mine
Treasures from Kingman
have a special room in my heart
I touch the sacred gifts from the earth
nourish my soul with their splendour
gather each gem, one at a time. My
Sleeping Beauties – Talismans – Favorite things.
Lynda McKinney Lambert
Ellwood City, PA
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