Journal Assignment: #2_Embrace Change and Write

Embrace Change and WRITE… Journal Assignment:  #2


OK, here I am  TODAY, with the FIRST POST on my  ORIGINAL blog, ” Walking by Inner Vision”  which I created in the fall of  2009.

I  plan  to make this a  FRUITFUL year here at  this blog!  I INTEND  to MEET  new readers, make  NEW FRIENDS who will be CHANGING and EMBRACING CHANGE with me this year.

Because  I am a retired Fine Arts and Humanities  Professor,  I want to give you a GIFT for this new year.   let’s begin a Walking by Inner Vision JOURNAL project  together!    When you get to the end of this post, you will find I have included a short  Journal assignment  so you can join in the fun and grow with me.   I will do my best to create fifty (50) assignments for you this coming year – so you can have approximately a year’s worth of suggestions to use in your writing.

You will need to find a book to write in and may I suggest a nice fresh and new book. We’ll be starting on our new journey into journal writing.  I am calling it the Walking by Inner Vision Journal. Let’s go!  Since there are 52 weeks in the year, let’s aim to have 50 writing  assignments – so be sure your new journal book has a minimum of 50 pages.

I will love hearing  MORE from you and by you,  as you, too, are changing and growing. If you send me an email, I will respond to it shortly. I do read every email that is sent to me.

This year my blog posts on _WALKING BY INNER VISION_ will be created from previous essays I wrote from 2009 through 2014.   I’ll pick out the most popular ones that I wrote.  They will be short, and will include a writing assignment to help  YOU get started on your own Journal.

Why would I do this?

My response is, “Very simple! I have changed.  As we learn new things, we all change and grow. At least that is what we hope for, growth and a clearer vision of our life purpose, and what we have to give to others.

This essay is an updated and revised version of the one I published here on January 8, 2010. You can use it to begin your own  personal “Walking by Inner Vision Journal.”


Photo: Lynda McKinney Lambert holds her 2-week old grandchild, Isabella Antoinette. Bella is now 5 years old. We have both changed a lot since this photo was taken by Bella’s mother in September 2010.  We both look different now, 5 years later.

“I wanted a perfect ending… Now, I’ve learned, the hard way, that some poems don’t rhyme, and some stories don’t have a clear beginning, middle and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what’s going to happen next. Delicious ambiguity. “ ~ Gilda Radner


My essay today is for people who embrace “Delicious Ambiguity.

Is that you? I hope so!
It is an exciting thought that our life has no clear beginning, often times it has no discernible middle part, and the ending is not yet written. There is no expiration date written on us anywhere.
The certainty we have is that we will change.

Change is the one constant in our life.
Therefore, let’s Embrace Change.

If you have not read my blog in the past, you may be unaware that I have profound sight loss, due to Ischemic Optic Neuropathy. To be clear, my range of vision is only 2/200 in one eye and 3/200 in the other eye. (A person who is “legally blind” can see 20/200 with correction). I am far below the legally blind designation of blindness. That means, I see almost nothing except some shapes if the lighting is right; I require stark contrasts to see just about anything.

But don’t worry, sight loss brought about positive changes, too.

Here are just a few of the positives in my life today:

_new friends I had not known previously
_new information for living a top shelf life
_ new path and a revised  journey for my professional life
_expanded ability to see others who need my help
_new insight into evaluating the life that God has planned for me

What can we do THIS YEAR?

Live a FRUITFUL Life!

FRUITFUL LIFE, did you just say that?  Oh yes, and …and let’s do this together.

You know, we so often have a hard time when it comes to lifting our thoughts higher, think  more intentionally, don’t we! But, we have every reason to set this as a goal for this year, 2015. We have God’s word and He propels us towards excellence in all we do.  It has to do with our inner peace of mind, and how we feel about our life. It’s about what we give to others, not what we take.  That is a FRUITFUL life.

This is now when I sit back for a God Moment; take a deep breath, and then exhale.  Take a little time to really relax right now.

For today, I will think  about writing my two blogs.    That is a good goal for me, to start with, today. (I accomplished this INTENTION and now have anothre blogup and running. It is called SCANdalous.)

What can you do to take a step towards thinking richer and deeper, more fruitful,  today?

How about this for a personal prayer today?  I just read it and I am  INSPIRED.

“God, Your Word says that You are bigger than I could ever imagine, and I thank You for Your bigger plans for me. Give me the strength to trust You and expect You to do great things in my life. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”

The scripture passage and prayer are from today’s newsletter from Joel and Victoria Osteen.   I get inspiration every day from the newsletters they send me.

With each new post, I will offer you a small journal assignment to get you started towards our goal of thinking big. Here’s the first  one for 2015.

Walking by Inner Vision Journal

Walking by Inner Vision Journal Assignment #2:

Think about what inspires you. What makes you come alive?

Do you have a sense of a “life purpose” and if you do, when was it that you became aware of this calling?
What is the source of your inspirations and thought life?
How does  your source change you?
Write about this in your Walking by Inner Vision Journal  today.

This is our 2nd lesson in developing a Thoughtful and Fruitful life. If you are just now beginning, scroll back to my previous essay where I give you the 1st lesson to begin your own Writing by Inner Vision Journal. Thanks for taking your FIRST STEP!


Photos Below:

Our great grand daughters, Isabella and her sister Ava Sue  show me their paintings, summer of 2013. Both girls have exhibited their art in the Ellwood City (PA) Arts Festival Juried exhibition since they were 1 1/2 years old.


Bella, November 2014, shortly before her 5th birthday. ???????????????????????????????

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