Eclipse (Hands Folded in Prayer)

Here is a poem I wrote recently in celbration of the night there was a Solar Eclipse and a New Moon.

this poem is mentioned in my blog article:
How to Read  Poem.

Eclipse (Hands Folded in Prayer)
It’s mid-May! The breeze is thick

with humid scents of Eau de Parfum.

Today, we have a New Moon

combined with a Solar Eclipse.

The fragrance drifts across the mountain 

Delicate, shimmering lavender pink flocks

fragile lace amongst the many specimens

near the edges of a  sun washed meadow.

Tamukeyama  stands in solitude

near the center of the outer corner.

She glances towards 

the Stone mountain, famous for a shrine

of a famous Japanese warrior.

 There, in saturated sunlight,

bright yellow-green crescent –

wild ferns encircle her bare feet.

Her gown a shower of brilliant purple lace.

The leaves turned purple in April.


Asks you to set your intention

This is a wonderful opportunity

Take your time!

Hand write 10 wishes

closest to your heart

Consider anything that passes

through your thoughts

What do you want?

Your desires will be magnified.

\what you say will be magnified.

Be wise.

Write each desire on a vellum sheet.

Close the book when the pages are complete.

Hide it carefully.

Be conscious,

The progressive season brings  transition-

the colour of the leaves from purple

towards burgundy and maroon.

Tamukyama   comes into her highest form

She starts to sport

amazingly bright red leaves.

Acer Palmatum dissectum forma astropurpureum

“hands folded in prayer upon the mountain.”

What seemed impossible before is just a thought away.


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