Creative Life Needs a Schedule

Creative Life Needs a Schedule

Figure out Who You Are

The RUMORS are TRUE!  I live a double life.

I’m a unique woman who is working in two genres simultaneously. I maintained this practice since my early years as I developed my career across disciplines. My interests span a wide space between the arts and literature.

“I’m  diligent and single focused in my intentions to live the life of a Renaissance woman.”

My position as Professor of Fine Arts and Humanities enabled me to fully develop my life of interdisciplinary studies – a unique concept that came naturally to me. I flourished because of the tremendous freedom and exploration of experimental opportunities. I won’t be digging into the deep hole of a single discipline any time soon.


The “ME” Days

Since my retirement from teaching, 9 years ago, I’ve divided my week into a routine. It’s pretty basic, and I am able to stay focused on maintaining this schedule quite well.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday is a “me” day. The mornings are planned out and always the same. Afternoons are random to do whatever I feel like doing the rest of the day. These are personal refreshment days when I am working out at the gym, meeting with my knitting friends, and having lunch with my husband and others at the senior center. I’ll leave before 9 am those three days, and be home around 1 pm.

“Monday, Wednesday and Friday are my “whatever I decided to do days.”


The  “Work”  Days

I designated Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and occasionally, Sunday for writing.
Early morning is my best time of the day. I’ll report to work in my home office somewhere between dawn and 7 am. First, I check E-mails. After this, I’ll decide what to begin working on and get started.

I take breaks every 2-3 hours; I walk my dogs in the woods and enjoy the beauty all around me. One of our 3 cats joins us in our walks each time we come outside. Effie Pearl likes to lead the way through the woods for us. Dogs like to stand still and just sniff the air or stare off into the distance.

 “My pets remind me to do the same. Stop. Be Quiet. Practice being in the moment.

Breathe deeply. Exhale slowly. These little bits of time throughout the day offer me solitude and prayer time.”

I stop to fix a small lunch, and then continue working at the computer. It’s in my office, which is a step down from my kitchen. The large window in this room gives me a view of the woods and meadow behind my home – overlooking the creek below.
I sit here and hear bird songs all day long as I am working.


Designate a Work Space

For my Writing Life, I am in my office early in the morning. Some days I begin around 5 am, and other days by 7 am. I am an early bird and do my best work when I am refreshed and have the most energy. With my cup of morning coffee on my desk, I am ready to write!

Some days, I turn on the Bose radio for most of the day but I also work in solitude to the sounds of the birds outside my windows on other days. Often, the music inspires me and new ideas and images come into my work subconsciously. Some of my best writing came from the sounds and lyrics of music – they reminded me of places and experiences.

For my Art Life, I have two studios. One is in my home on the second floor, and one is in a different building on the second floor. Art making days are not designated, but I work at random times when I know I can be in the studio for unlimited time periods.


Set Time Limits

Every day, I stop what I am doing around 3 or 4 pm.becasue this is the time of day I am winding down. After dinner, I don’t usually work but I will check emails or send out messages.

What Works for You?
I’d love to hear about how your week goes, too.
Write a comment and let me know how you get your own creative work done.


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