Create an Art Camp Adventure for YOURSELF This Year

Your  Art Camp Adventure
Do YOU need a creative getaway?

Looking for some time and space to just relax and make some art?

Last year two of my daughters (Heidi and Ilsa)  decided we should  take a vacation together  and  go to a place where we could be alone, in nature, and make art for a week.  Another art friend, Lois, decided she wanted to go, too! That was a year ago, and now we are packing up for our Art Camp Adventure – just for the FOUR of us!

 We needed to choose a location  somewhere in-between Burlington, Kentucky  where Ilsa lives, and Western  Pennsylvania where the other three of us live. Ilsa and Heidi got started on finding the right spot for us. Shortly it was decided that a rural area in Southern Ohio would be just right.
We’ll be leaving for our Art Camp Vacation next weekend. We rented an A-frame with a hot tub. We can go hiking, do a  zip line, and attend outdoor activities in that area.

You can choose 
an exotic location 
like a Rain Forest  
Or Some Place near your own home!

Your back yard 
or along the banks of a nearby creek;

How about a quiet place 
where you can be alone with NATURE?

Right now, I am deciding what to take along for me projects to work on. I decided on taking the materials I will need to begin a couple of new Talisman necklaces. I am packing up some Tree Agates, Lapis Lazuli, Green Opals,  Honey Wax Opals, Japanese Seed Beads and Swarovski Crystals in brilliant greens and purples. I plan to be inspired by the woods and chose the colors with that in mind.
If you are unable to do a getaway, 
you know you can still create your own Art Camp Experience 
right where you are.  It is really a Vacation that is inside of us –
Make an ordinary day 
into a Vacation Day! 
Think about when your Vacation will begin. Then, decide what you will work on during your vacation time. You can do it at home, very easily.  Decide what you will not be doing in your daily routine, so you can decide what you will be doing for your ART projects. Then, go ahead and have yourself a great Vacation, wherever you are!
I would love to hear about YOUR art camp experience.

Where did you go?

Did you go away for your retreat, or did you do it in your own home?
 What did you work on that was not in your daily schedule?

What was the experience like for you?
In a couple of weeks, I will report on how mine went.
I will take photos and you can see how it was for the four of us.
Why not do the same and post some photos of you on your Vacation Art Camp?

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