A Quiet Place of Your Own

April is National Poetry Month

1996 – 2016

20the Anniversary of this national celebration

the largest literary event of the year

When I think of reading poetry my first thoughts are about the special place I created so I could be alone and enjoy reading in a quiet place.


Last year I had my Quiet Place painted in colors that are soothing and serene. The colors of the Caribbean Sea bring a calm and peaceful feeling to my little hide-a-way. 


We call this room our LIBRARY.  My collection of poetry books are on the shelves on one wall, and on another wall are my art books and other books I treasure.


A Quiet Place can be your reading room, or you can even expand it to include another activity such as I have done with mine. In addition to my books, I have storage on the shelves for storage of my bead working supplies.  In another spot in this room, I have set up a nice folding workspace where I can work on my encrusted beadwork projects. When I am finished for the day, it all folds back up and the space is not cluttered or messy.



I read, knit, listen to books, and do my bead and fiber arts all in this one special room.

 The art in the room reflect my own passions for art and beauty.  Art made by friends, my husband, my children and me.

There are paintings by friends and paintings that I have created over the years. You can see photographs from friends, lithographs, stained glass pieces made by my husband, a woven tapestry by one of my daughters, a tapestry that I made many years ago. On a primitive table there are sculptures from Africa and one dynamic piece made by an artist friend. there is a tall black column of stone, a favorite sculpture made by an art school friend. Here you can find pottery that I recently made, handmade baskets woven out of cloth and honeysuckle vines, by West Virginia artisans. there is a striking Victorian style clock that once hung in my husband’s grandmother’s home. I seldom wind it up, but I enjoy it as a work of art.



This library is a place of solitude and peace, surrounded by art and literature.  A space that holds books and art is a sacred space.

 My library  is the perfect place to spend the hours of a winter day. It is warm and comforting and time stands still here in the library.


All you need is a spare bedroom, or even just a little nook or even a closet – use what you have and be creative with it. Make it your own Quiet Place.



A custom blind works miracles – it covers a closet of clothing – gives a nice and clean look!


Select art works and other objects that bring out the colors of your room. These little decorative touches make the room feel welcoming when you enter it – every time!

Photos and text by Lynda McKinney Lambert. Copyright 2016. All Rights Reserved.



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