Clusters of Blessings

Clusters of Blessings

Sometimes life’s special moments come to us in clusters.

This week I was so conscious of blessings and opportunities that came my way, one after another. They came so rapidly that they overlapped at times. I felt like I stood on a white sand beach in Puerto Rico. As on a beach, I walked gently into the Caribbean. Warm waves flowed around me, gently. I felt buoyant, as though I did not even need to swim. My inner being said, “ lay back in the water and let the waves carry you.” The waves came in clusters as I relaxed.

What made me realize the clusters of blessings I was receiving?

Several things.

First, there will be an article and photograph of me in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette on Tuesday. It will be in a magazine section. The story will be about how I make art work for others to view even though I cannot see the work I have made because I have vision loss.

The story is part of a series of features on members of the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh. I am a member of this organization. When asked to describe what my greatest achievement has been to date, I said it is that I was able to remain the artist I am even after losing my vision. It is because an artist has a spirit inside that nothing can take away. It remains despite any physical challenges we endure. The art spirit is always with us.

The second thing that happened is that I have been selected for a feature article in the next edition of the newsletter published by the Blind and Vision Rehabilitation Services of Homestead, PA. Deborah Mendenhall from the BVRS is writing this feature, and she has taken photos that will be published with the article. Her photos will also accompany the feature that will be published this week in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

And, finally the third interesting thing for me this week is that I have been asked to think about developing a special program or class on teaching pottery making to blind students. Just when I thought my teaching life was behind me, it popped up again. This time, in a very new and different way. I just might be interested. Perhaps I will never really be retired from teaching. Perhaps my teaching career is far from over. Perhaps a teacher’s life also comes in clusters.

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