Celebrate the Dandelions

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Celebrate the Dandelions Day



I’ve been writing new poems and thinking a lot about the spectacular mornings in late April

This week, I spent some time in the early morning just admiring and appreciating the brilliant yellow flowers in my yard.

I declare this DAY – April 23, 2017












For the past couple of weeks, I have been writing a special PRESENTATION  that I will give on May 6 at a Women’s Bible Study Spring Tea.
What a wonderful opportunity for me to share my faith in Jesus and my unique STORY.

 “Blind Faith & Dreaming Prayers”

I’ve been reviewing my OWN LIFE’s TIMELINE and how CLEARLY I can SEE the direction GOD has taken my LIFE from the first days since I gave my LIFE to JESUS in 1973.

Yes, God has taken my LIFE in PATHS of GLORY, I could not have imagined all these years.


Recently, a FRIEND turned to me and asked,


I want you to KNOW, for SURE, we are  ALL just a GENTLE, PASSING BREEZE, never to return.

This LIFE you are LIVING NOW– THIS DAY — is the ONLY ONE you will ever have on this side of HEAVEN.

FIND your PURPOSE and GOD’s calling, and you will walk in BLIND FAITH and LIVE OUR your OWN DREAMING PRAYERS.

That’s my MESSAGE today.


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