I’m Lookin’ for a Burning Bush

I’m Lookin’ for a Burning Bush

by Lynda McKinney Lambert



Sitting in my office taking care of business:

The Village of Wurtemburg, Pennsylvania,

My two gray cats  watch birds from  the open window.

My dogs and I were out the door before dawn.

 They sniff the trails through the woods,

 track the deer while  I look for   fragile phlox

swaying in the morning breeze.

My husband is making hot oatmeal in the kitchen and he stops

to comment on the songs he hears on the radio – “I cannot understand the words, ” he says.

But, I know the truth;  he’s hard of hearing.

My Episcopal friend, Ann,  sent me a copy of her Easter sermon

a few weeks ago.

She is preaching about Moses and is encounter with the burning bush.

Since then, I keep wondering what sort of bush it was before the Lord entered into it .

Perhaps it was a Privet bush like the ones see in the woods.

Or maybe even a Red Barberry Bush with red berries still hanging on it

Red Barberry in Winter

.after a long winter, but hat made it worthy of Divine  habitation?

Why did she tell me that she thinks I am a burning bush, too?

So now, I worry that  God just might decide to jump inside of me some day

when I am out there walking my dogs or when I  stop to touch the purple  phlox?

Or, is he already there, inside of my body, and then I wonder if that is the case, is my face glowing like Moses’ was

and if it is, can anyone see me glowing?

I had a call from the editor of the university alumni magazine and

she  needs a clear photo of my book’s cover.

Yes, I will send it right away, I said. I’ll do it immediately, after I finish writing this poem.

An E-mail  arrived from Denver, Colorado, I agreed to give them a series of workshops,

and she needs to know where to send my check.

“We enter the story with its only human character, Moses. 

Think where he is.  Geographically, he is out beyond the wilderness.  That’s far out! 

And that’s where he is personally.” (Ann Paton)

After lunch,

I am going to take off my sandals, just like Moses.

I’m going to take them off and stand on holy ground.

Sitting in my office taking care of business.


Copyright 2017. Lynda McKinney Lambert. All rights reserved.

zporm  and Photography by Lunda McKinney Lambert.Copyright, May 19, 2017. Lynda McKinney Lambert. All rights reserved.

Lynda  McKinney Lambert

.Front Cover



Concerti: Psalms for the Pilgrimage (Kota Press), 2002.


Walking by Inner Vision: Stories & Poems, DLD Books, 2017 

Lynda is a Peer Adviser  and writes articles on sight loss and blindness for  Vision Aware Blog


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