Blind People Make Art

I am an artist. It is not something that happens to you overnight. You cannot plan to become an artist, or dream it up one day and then begin. It is something that you were born with and remains the core of who you are for your entire life, and beyond. It is something that you are deep down inside your soul. There is nothing that can take away your creative spirit, even loss of vision.

The creative person thinks creatively in all circumstances. When sight loss occurred in my life, I resolved to figure out just how I would continue to be the creative person I have always been. I started with something I had done most of my life. That is, knitting.

At first I could not do it again. Then, after a number of failed attempts, I realized that I was failing because I was trying to see my knitting with my eyes. Since they were no longer working, I realized I had to begin to see with my fingers instead. That worked! Soon, I was knitting away on a sweater that I would send to the Knit for Kids project, through Guideposts Magazine. After my first one, I went on to knit six sweaters last year to send to the project that provides sweaters to needy children worldwide.

The next thing I began to do was to work in clay. I started off slowly, and hesitatingly. But, after a short time, I was attempting large and ambitious projects. I took six courses at a local art center, and the teacher was a gem and not at all afraid of figuring out how to help a person who cannot see the work in progress. She was excited at my achievements and successful pieces. She worked with me to learn to do my pottery by touch rather than sight. I have now been making pottery for two years and my work will be in an exhibition at the art center this month. This will be my first fine art exhibition since sight loss.

I decided to do things that are realistic for me to do. The things that I no longer do, painting and printmaking, are not important to me. I am very pleased that I can now make pottery, and can still knit, and make jewelry again. Creativity takes many paths in our development as artists. Life does not end when we are faced with the beginning of a new pathway. Rather, the new pathway is an exciting new adventure for us.

You can visit my website to see some of my work. Be sure to drop me a note to let me know you visited. I will be watching for you! Thanks for taking a look at m;y work.

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