Behind Our Eyes: A Second Look

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The newly released literary anthology 
Behind Our Eyes: A Second Look 
features poems  by 
Lynda McKinney Lambert
Pennsylvania writer and visual artist

 Published by Behind Our Eyes, Inc., a 501C-3 nonprofit organization.

Behind Our Eyes: A Second Look 
is the second anthology by a unique
collection of 65 writers with disabilities.
cats and rabbits to guide dogs and even a guide horse, from medical
fiascos to survival tactics, and through pangs of deprivation to
heights of success. 

     The vivid tapestry of life woven through their
stories, poems, and essays, demonstrates what a captivating and
diverse group of writers they are; yet their creative writing
collection showcases their similarities to each other and the world
at large.

ISBN 978-1490304472

Books are are NOW available through for $13.42 per soft
cover book. This is a special discount introductory price.
The anthology is  also available in Kindle and Nook formats. 



You can see the book and look into it’s pages or make your purchase of the  book at:

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