Your Dream – Writing Assignment #13

Do you have a dream?


Do you have something quietly whispering  inside of you that tries to come up to the surface of your consciousness occasionally?  What would you like to do?

God plants DREAMS inside of us, and if we are not living those DREAMS, we will feel a tension or ache in our soul.

Don’t be AFRAID to dream BIG! What would you do if you could do ANYTHING in this world. Yes, I said it – ANYTHING.

Don’t think of limitations of any kind. Just DREAM.

You DREAM should FIT with your PASSIONS, your skills, talents, and your personality.  What do you LOVE to do?

One of my dreams was to write a book. I had no idea how I would do it, or how it would be published, or who might like to read my book. I did not have any experience in writing a book and did not know any publishers.
~My background is in Fine Art, English Literature  and Teaching~
As a  Professor of Fine Arts and Humanities, I traveled to Europe each summer where I taught a course for a month. My book is, “Drawing and Writing in Salzburg.”  My students came from all over the world to take my course and we lived in Salzburg,  Austria – and we traveled on weekends to Germany, Italy and the  Czech  I offered this course for the month of July, every year. Republic.
We had classes 4 mornings a week. Our classes were held in a school classroom sometimes, but mostly we traveled to a new place every morning on the local bus. There, we wrote and made sketches and worked on ideas in our sketch books. We traveled to other countries on the weekends together.
After teaching and traveling during my summers for a few years, I had several sketchbooks filled with  drawings, poems and reflections.  Without realizing it, I  created  the poems and stories for  a book which would be published.
A publisher contacted me. I did not know her and I did not seek her out in any way. She asked to see my work so  I sent my collection to her. She immediately wanted to publish   my collection. The rest is history. My book is_Concerti…Psalms for the Pilgrimage, published,  January 1, 2002. One of the works of art I created in Austria became the cover for my book. I am delighted  with the finished product.
If you have an idea or a dream, just begin working on it. Don’t worry about the little details or how you will achieve it. The people you will need to have on board to help you will come to you. You don’t have to search for them.
Just begin your project, and watch what happens. One by one  other people will come to you. You will have the help you need, and just when you need it. Your job is to begin doing the work NOW, and keep believing for everything else to come to you right on time. It all will happen that way. 
Your dream is waiting for you.
Walking by Inner Vision Journal – Writing  Assignment #13
1.)  Write down a DREAM you have in your heart.
2.)  Put a date on it so you will remember when you first dared to write your dream out on paper or in your journal. .
Remember: Create a dream that fits who you are as a person – your personality, your skills, passions, and talents.
3.)  Write a short essay about your dream and what your life will be like when the dream has manifested in your life.  What differences will it make in your life?  Who will benefit from your dream?
4.)  Release that dream – give it to God and allow him to work it out in miraculous ways so you will know it had to come from his hand.  ASK him to guide you and give you inspiration as you begin  walking towards the dream.
5.)  Be sure to let ME know how this all comes into your reality. I will be so happy to hear that your DREAM has been achieved. Don’t forget me!

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