Autumnal Musings: In Which I Find Favorite Words

Autumnal Leaves on the wet grass.

Photos by Lynda McKinney Lambert

Autumnal Leaves on the wet grass.


Autumnal Musings: In Which I Find  a Favorite Word

I suspect that most of us literary people  find we have some words that come to mind immediately when we think of words we like to read, hear, or think about.

I’m a writer; words are important to me.  Words are what I deal with every day. I mull them over in my mind at times, take them with me to visit again in solitary moments.  I shuffle them on paper and move them around. I put lines through them and separate them into paragraphs or sentences. I play with them, tweak them, nestle

them into meanings and fling them into the text of a new chapter.


“Autumn”  is a favorite word, just about at the top of my “Favorite Word”  list. Oh, Yes! I do have a favorite word list.

I  also have a “Dislike Word” list but that can be a topic for another day.

I’m feeling especially happy today, with the changing season turning the deep green leaves into a kaleidoscope of brilliant warm hues and deep russet reds. It’s all glorious.

I love feeling  the subtle warmth of autumnal  sunlight as I am  shuffling through the yellow-orange falling leaves  lining my path through the woods.  The leafy, damp  carpet  feels like I am walking through a natural cathedral as I glance up into the lofty treetops and listen to the little sounds of unseen twigs and nuts plopping to earth.  And, yes, the brisk nights are coming now. The grass is wet when I walk the dogs out for their first outing of the day. It’s all changing according to a Master plan.


Autumnal Magic Surrounds us!
Autumnal Magic Surrounds us!


 I started making a list of words that feel good when I say them or hear them.

Autumnal magic surrounds us during October. take a walk in the woods near you.

Have you discovered that you have some favorite words? I’d love to hear about them!

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