An Afternoon Embroidery Lesson

In honor of National Poetry Month – April – We just completed the final day of this 20th year of literary excellence in poetry. Here is my contribution.

“An Afternoon Embroidery Lesson”

This is an ABECEDARIAN Poem.

Look down the LEFT side and you will see each line begins with a letter of the alphabet.

It goes from A to Z.  Go ahead and try one, too! It is fun.



An afternoon embroidery lesson

Beauty is a blue silk thread

Carefully stitched into ivory cloth

Did she know my destiny?  

Education begins in a quiet place

For a little girl and her mother

Grandmother’s kitchen

Holding on to a slender needle

I slid through the secret places

Journeys of self-discoveries

Kitchens are sacred spaces

Lost in timeless whispers

My mother’s patience is endless

Needles, cloth, scissors, floss

Objects are symbolic metaphors

Powerful as distant legends

Questions – could she

Recognize these private moments?

Sitting quietly with her child

Time and inspiration are gifts

Universal connections for life

Visualized my inner longings

Weaving strands of sunny days

X-stitch patterns sewed in a weave

Yellow-gold knotted threads

Zinnias bloomed on my holy cloth.


Copyright 2016. All Rights Reserved.

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