Visions_Lynda_MeditationsIn the spring of 2014 – I exhibited my recent art work in a show called, “Vision and Revision” at two locations in Western Pennsylvania. First the show appeared at Merrick Art Gallery in New Brighton PA. and after a month-long run, it traveled to New Castle, PA. It was viewed by visitors to Jameson Hospital for nearly three months.

     I  Was the creator and organizer of this remarkable exhibition.   I wrote a few short essays and poems  that appeared beside my art works. I wanted the viewers to have some inside information on how the work was created and how I conceived of the pieces.  The show’s focus was to give the public some educational information on how  a blind artist can still do intricate and colorful art.

I have no central vision, do not see any details, and my world is in shades of grays and I walk in a mist – I see nothing clearly except for the VISIONS I hold within my spirit.



The following poem, “Adornmant,” was framed and on display beside one of my mixed-media fiber and bead works. “Adornment” was published this week in the “Magnets and Ladders Literary Magazine.”




Adornment – September Daydreams

 “Adornment:  decorations worn to attract attention.”

by Lynda McKinney Lambert


On languid September days

I would like to wear

colorful  gaudy jewelry

every single one

at the same time.

Adornments are worn to enhance autumn days.


I’d put the gems on in layers,

an ancient  warrior preparing for battle.

Blue Topaz rings, one on each finger.

My arms, encircled with ornaments.

Protected by brilliant stones-

faceted cherry quartz, deep green turquoise chunks,

nuggets of Baltic amber in different colors,

jet black polished stones,  and waxy yellow opals.


I’ll wear a periwinkle blue dancing skirt.

a flowing  chiffon  jacket .

I am a flamboyuant coat-of-armor

that covers voluptuous, full breasts

like a bishop’s  gold encrusted shawl.

My holy, rare, mother-of-pearl talisman

adorns my royal, goddess  chest.


I slip my perfumed feet into soft sky blue sandals,

promenade around the spacious room,

in ever widening circles,

among the evening shadows,

under luminescent  spheres

turning high above us.




Note: First published in “Magnets and Ladders” Literary Magazine, Fall/Winter Issue, 2014. Visit:















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