A Poem is for Everyone!

Yes, it is true!  
Everyone can read a poem 
and ENJOY it. 

I promise you, poetry is for everyone.
So many people say, “I don’t know anything about poetry.” The seem to apologize for not knowing anything about poetry. Usually when someone says something like this, they are really afraid to even talk about poetry.

Why is that?

For some reason they think you have to be “educated” in understanding a poem.
I say, if you are an English major, or taking a poetry class in school, then you will be learning a lot about different kinds of poems and poets.

But if you are just reading a poem, and want to enjoy it, then go right ahead!

What is poetry really all about?

It is all around you; the air you breathe; the warmth of the sun on your shoulders on a summer day; the peas that are cooking on your stove; the music on your radio; the sound of the creek running in the spring time; swimming in a cold mountain stream, and every other thing you may experience.

Don’t worry about what “form” the poem is!
Don’t worry about rhyme, or meter or other fancy words that some people like to throw around.

Poetry is all about you, and what touches you inside when you read something.
Poetry is the very air we breathe.

It’s for everybody!

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