A Fragile Thing

May 3, 2018


rhododendron in bloom.
All Photos by Lynda McKinney Lambert

I am so delighted to share my new poem with you.

I worked on ” A Fragile Thing,” most of the day yesterday.

Listen to the VOICE RECORDING.


A Fragile Thing

By Lynda McKinney Lambert


Before daylight

lone black crow lands on swaying tree tops

high above rushing waters of the creek

crow’s voice hollers out

sharp staccato jabs, high-pitched notes

mingled with swift moving water


Canadian geese

build nests on flat rocks

beside a torrent of white-water

near Rhododendron bushes

super stars, each of them

magnificent blooming wall of flowers
before dawn this morning


Life happens slowly

like growth of lavender-pink

Rhododendron blossoms

smallest details

hundreds of them

wide open

everything in sync

a fragile thing.


copyright 2018. Lynda McKinney Lambert. All rights reserved.

More about  Lynda Lambert:  Information on the Author, Lynda McKinney Lambert

Lynda McKinney Lambert – Poet and Author “Magnificent blooming wall of flowers”


 “A Fragile Thing,” is included in my next full-length book of poetry, Star Signs: New and Selected poems.

I am working on the last draft  of the book. You can SUBSCRIBE to this blog for future announcements and information on ordering the new book.

Rad lots more poems and essays as I post them.



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