Love or Fear?_ Writing Assignment #7

I created a community page called, Bob Lambert Diary, in which I post photos of Bob and others who are with him on this journey. We provide a photo-diary type of page where anyone can visit Bob, see photos of him periodically, and we give out information on AML and blood cancer to help other people be informed. We desire to give a correct image of Bob’s journey, and keep it forefront on the page to keep incorrect and misleading gossip or information from taking root.

Walking_Writing Assignment #6

This year, I introduced a new project for this blog. The Walking by Inner Vision Journal. After each post, I will give you a short journal assignment to help you get started in writing your own personal journal. You can join in at any time and choose any of the Walking by Inner Vision Journal Writing Assignments you like. This is my GIFT to my readers this year.

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